Whole Business

Before the arrival of COVID19, whole business securitizations, which package national food services and retail businesses franchise royalties, were trading at a premium, with issuance exceeding $8 billion in 2018 alone. Suddenly, they rapidly lost half their value during the pandemic.

Businesses and investors started looking for ways to better understand the impact and risks of investing in the Whole Business sector in this new reality.

T-REX answered their call and developed an innovative solution to the problem. Using our state-of-the-art T-REX platform, investors can now create detailed scenarios to understand the impact of temporary and permanent store closures caused by COVID19 and the potential risks of future similar catastrophes.

Built by fixed-income buy-and-sell-side experts, the T-REX Analytics Platform offers functionality for structuring, pricing, scenario analysis, reporting, managing performance data, and much more. With T-REX’s robust solutions, you can mitigate risk, improve performance, and gain workflow efficiencies by working on a standardized, cloud-based platform designed for the nuances of complex assets.

Join the others who are using T-REX to strategically evaluate their investments and confidently plan for their future in an uncertain world.

whole business deal
Whole business deal on the T-REX Analytics Platform

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