Find the answers to common questions and learn more about T-REX.



What is T-REX?

T-REX is the first end-to-end cloud-based platform offering advanced software and managed data services for asset-backed finance and complex structured finance.

Who are your clients?

T-REX supports both buy-side and sell-side organizations as well as the stakeholders in between to drive transparency and performance in complex fixed income and structured finance. Some of our primary clients are:

  • Investors and asset managers who leverage T-REX’s cashflow calculation engines to aid in due diligence and run ongoing portfolio analytics
  • Trustees and servicers who use T-REX to automate data management and reporting, so they provide a better experience to clients and investors
  • Issuers who use T-REX to structure deals more efficiently and collaborate with investment banks and investors
  • Banks who improve speed and efficiency to deal flow when using T-REX in modeling, syndication, and issuance, all while collaborating with parties in a deal

For a look at our specific clients, visit our home page.

Who started T-REX and who are its main investors?

T-REX was founded in 2012 by our current CEO, Benjamin Cohen. Since our founding, T-REX has partnered with strategic and financial investors alike. For more details on our lead investors and our Board of Directors, we invite you to read more on our About Us page.

Where are you located?

T-REX offices are located in New York City and Tel Aviv. To grow with our clients, we also have colleagues located across the globe, most notably in the United Kingdom and the Philippines.

Where can I find client testimony or a case study?

Take a look at our client success stories on our client stories page.

How do I contact client support?

Client satisfaction is our top priority. We invite you to connect with us through the following channels.

T-REX phone support can be reached during regular business hours across the Americas and EMEA at 646.780.7677. If you need support outside of these hours or prefer to communicate digitally, please email us at or use the chat feature in your account and we’ll get back to you as quickly as we can.

What industry events do you attend?

T-REX attends a variety of events each year. Stay up to date with where you can find us next with our events calendar.

What does T-REX mean?

The name T-REX is a nod to our origin story. In 2012, our founder, Benjamin Cohen, set out to solve sustainable finance’s toughest challenge for renewables: data solutions on par with larger, more established, asset classes. While T-REX has evolved beyond the idea of being “The Renewables Exchange,” our commitment to sustainable finance is in our DNA. We continue to bring simplicity as well as sustainability metrics to all types of alternative finance.


What is the cost of T-REX?

Our sales team works with our clients to ensure they’re getting the best value to fit their needs and take full advantage of T-REX, without overpaying for functionality they don’t need.

T-REX employs a usage-based pricing model that takes into account volume, features, and functionality. In general, clients fall into one of two pricing schemas: (i) based on the number of assets managed on the platform or (ii) based on a flat fee per deal.


What financing types does T-REX support?

T-REX supports deals across the debt capital markets, providing a technology solution for often underserved or esoteric asset classes. This support also extends to the structured finance, private credit, project finance, and warehouse lending markets.

What asset classes does T-REX support?

Thanks to our unique and proprietary no-SQL database architecture, T-REX is truly asset class agnostic and can support any esoteric, emerging, or traditional asset class in your portfolio.

We have a special focus on assets supporting the energy transition due to our ability to bring ESG data onto the platform alongside financial data, with unique modeling capabilities. We are built with flexibility in mind, easily catering our solution to any portfolio composition.

Do you cover CLOs?

Yes, T-REX can support almost any asset class including CLOs. Read more about T-REX for Structured Finance here.

My organization has portfolio and risk management systems in place, should we still use T-REX?

If you already have a portfolio and risk management system in place, T-REX will be an extremely important addition to your tech stack to supercharge analytics and performance overall.

For ease of use, T-REX can be accessed via any web browser or via API. Clients can access data, analytics tools, and reports where needed. Once implemented, clients can leverage the T-REX platform for advanced cashflow analytics on complex investments and ensure the data from disparate, incongruent sources is cleansed and automated for use in analytics.

Does T-REX make introductions to capital providers?

We are first and foremost a technology provider. As such, we are not positioned to act as a financial intermediary.

Does T-REX support private and public deals?

T-REX supports both private and public deals across complex financing lifecycles. To learn more about our private credit solution, please visit our private credit page.

Can T-REX act as a servicer in my deals?

For most deals, T-REX can be written in as either a data agent or transaction servicer.

As a data agent, T-REX’s role is defined as the data manager for bonds and collateral. Typically, we serve as the central record keeper.

As a transaction servicer, T-REX provides technology critical for reporting duties and automated data governance, a system of record for leveraged facilities, and data flow automation from other servicers, trustees, and agents.

Can you act as a calculation agent for my borrowing base certificates?

Yes, T-REX can act as the calculation agent for lenders using borrowing base certificates.

Can we white label the T-REX platform?

Yes, the T-REX platform can be white labeled with custom fonts, colors, and logos. These personalizations can also apply to any report created. In addition, trustees can white label the platform as an investor reporting portal.

Why is T-REX a better solution than Excel?

T-REX differentiates itself from Excel in quite a few ways.T-REX is a sophisticated and proven platform underpinned by managed data services and built for financial markets. What’s more, we understand the unique workflows of our clients as well as the complexities of their data.

Unlike Excel, T-REX delivers:

  • Pre-built model templates, specific to alternative assets
  • Cashflow analytics features to eliminate manual calculations
  • Collaboration features to remedy version control issues common in deal development
  • Sophisticated permissions to protect information and eliminate the trading of emails and error-prone spreadsheets
  • Automated data management and reporting, providing better insights and portfolio management

Altogether, this sophistication positions many of our clients to better capitalize on investments and even expand into new asset classes with confidence.


What source data formats do you support?

Given T-REX’s flexible architecture, we support any data source including but not limited to Excel files, PDFs, emails, and website scraping. Best of all, once clients are fully implemented on the platform, this process can be entirely automated, meaning it’s part of our workflow, not yours.

Can I share deal reports externally?

The T-REX platform was created with collaboration in mind and provides a set of tools that make sharing deal data easy, while also ensuring a high level of security.

In addition, T-REX offers comprehensive premissioning controls, meaning that when you share models and reports externally with other parties in a deal, you’re able to control exactly what version of a deal or report someone is seeing, and whether they can view or edit.

Does T-REX have a deal library?

Yes, T-REX offers an extensive and unique public and private deal library. T-REX’s focus on private credit, structured finance, project finance, and asset-backed lending deals means that much of our library is only accessible to market participants with explicit entitlements to access those deals.

Does T-REX integrate with market data systems?

Yes, T-REX provides integration with a number of industry standard market data platforms by leveraging preexisting vendor relationships.


How does T-REX keep my data secure?

The security of deal data is paramount for all parties involved. We are SOC-1 and SOC-2 compliant with (i) tight controls on permissioning features to ensure all data remains secure and (ii) deal level provisioning and stakeholder management. In addition, T-REX runs daily security testing to ensure that our platform and importantly, your data, stays secure.


How quickly can we implement T-REX solutions?

A T-REX implementation can take as little as two weeks. Our client success team would be happy to discuss your unique requirements and the complexity of your portfolio to better assess exact timelines. Get in touch to learn more.

Do you offer trials?

We would be happy to discuss trial projects and associated pricing. Get in touch to learn more.

How do I access the T-REX platform?

The T-REX Analytics & Insights platform is available via any web browser or through our SDK and API solutions. Clients may access the T-REX platform here. If you’re interested in setting up an API, we invite you to reach out to our sales team.