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What markets do you cover?

T-REX covers complex markets. T-REX’s suite of solutions is designed for alternative asset classes, less liquid asset classes that offer higher yield potential than typical corporate bonds/equities. T-REX covers structured credit markets, as well as project finance for infrastructure, including, e.g., renewable energy and other real assets.

While T-REX was developed for the complex nature of alternatives, its extremely flexible design allows it to handle any asset class. Contact us to see how T-REX can cover all of your portfolios, from mainstream to alternative.

Who uses your platform?

T-REX is used by all parties across the investment lifecycle, from the Sell Side to the Buy Side. Our clients include issuers/originators, commercial lenders, investment banks, investors, rating agencies, accounting firms, and trustees.

How do you help your clients?

T-REX fills a critical technology gap for alternative markets. It replaces traditional spreadsheet-based workflow with tech-enabled data management and analytics, bringing transparency, repeatability, precision, speed, and scalability to these complex, underserved asset classes. Clients use T-REX to improve performance, scale their subject matter expertise, handle greater volume sustainably, and reduce capital costs, among other benefits. T-REX has been known to improve deal execution by 150bps.

Can I access a free trial of T-REX?

Yes, just reach out to sales@trexgroup.com (or use our contact form), and a member of our Client Development team will assist you.

Are your solutions easy to use?

Yes. The software was designed by structured finance and project finance professionals to anticipate all users’ needs and address their pain points, from data management to structuring/analytics, reporting, and collaboration. On top of that, T-REX offers a familiar and intuitive Excel-like interface to ease product onboarding. All users also have access to our dedicated Client Development team for custom training and 24/7 support.

How do you charge?

We offer a range of payment options varying by product and usage. Please contact our Client Development team at sales@trexgroup.com to find out what’s right for you.

Why T-REX?

In the sustained low-rate environment, the interest in higher yielding alternative assets continues to grow. Despite the complexity of these assets, today, market participants rely almost entirely on spreadsheet-based workflow, throwing bodies at manual data management and analytics. Data is often incomplete, analytics are prone to error, and workflow is time-consuming. As a result, organizations are subject to unnecessary risk and cost, inhibiting performance potential and volume.

Enter T-REX.

Built to empower responsible finance, T-REX is uniquely built to serve all participants across the entire investment lifecycle from Sell Side to Buy Side. By delivering complete, standardized data and consolidating all users’ workflow in a shared, cloud-based platform, T-REX brings massive efficiencies to complex asset financing, reducing capital/operating costs, improving risk mitigation, and opening up investment opportunities.


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