T-REX Launches First End-to-End Project Finance Solution

T-REX for Project Finance Offers Scale, Reduces Costs, and Enables Increased Deal Flow into Renewables

NEW YORK and TEL-AVIV, Israel, August 25, 2022  – T-REX Group, Inc. (“T-REX”), a SaaS provider supporting asset-backed financing, has extended its offering with a solution for Project Finance. As the first and only platform for Project Finance, T-REX is a potentially transformative product for the industry, delivering the economies of scale required to invest in renewable energy projects without sacrificing margin. 

Project finance today is frequently characterized by unique deals modeled and managed with data from multiple sources that are neither digitized nor standardized. As a result, portfolio and risk management workflows are often manual and inefficient. To date, the only option project finance teams have is to add staff, further increasing the cost to finance more deals, a limiting factor given the cost of capital for relatively small renewable projects versus larger traditional infrastructure and energy deals.  

“Today, Project Finance sits at a crucial turning point for funding renewables and low emissions projects. While the cost of producing renewable energy has decreased, and investors, seeking to meet ESG goals, have grown more comfortable with investing in the assets, the Project Finance industry’s ability to unlock the capital ready to flow into these investments is stymied by legacy technology and inefficient data management,” said Tricia San Cristobal, Chief Product Officer, T-REX.

“With T-REX for Project Finance, the industry can now adopt modern investment technology to increase efficiency, collaboration and transparency to drive deal flow. Gone are the days of manual processes, managing multiple Excel documents, locked-up data and the financial risk associated with lack of transparency and coordination.” 

As the first end-to-end solution, T-REX for Project Finance is asset- and data-agnostic and is designed to help lead arrangers, advisors, investors, sponsors, developers, and all other stakeholders easily and rapidly collaborate by acting as a centralized source of truth. Via sharing data and documents at all project stages and phases, T-REX will help the industry move past the challenge of disparate data sources and manual data entry to achieve greater transparency and efficiency, enabling more vital investments to be funded.

“The ability for all participants in a Project Finance deal to access and collaborate on the same documents and information is game changing. Instead of reconciling documents in different formats, and across multiple locations or systems, deal participants can now look at the financial and operational health of the physical asset and the project itself in a centralized place. Project Finance leaders truly need T-REX’s new solution to help master the level of complexity they face daily, especially as the growing amount of ESG data gains more focus,” said Chris Cardace, Product Manager, T-REX for Project Finance, T-REX.

T-REX was founded to address the growing demand for modern technology to power complex asset finance and the need for tools to accelerate investment into energy transition. T-REX for Project Finance delivers the transparency, collaboration and portfolio and risk management capability the industry needs in order to scale funding toward smaller renewable projects without increasing the cost of capital. Learn more about T-REX for Project Finance.

About T-REX:T-REX, based in New York and Tel Aviv, combines sophisticated cloud-based SaaS technology with big data and asset class expertise to drive down operating and capital expense, reduce risk exposure, and enhance performance for complex investments. T-REX solutions for project finance, warehouse lending, ABS, and private credit address friction at each stage of the asset lifecycle, from origination through investment. By improving transparency and flexibly integrating diverse data sources, T-REX creates significant investment opportunities across alternative markets. Visit www.trexgroup.com to learn more.

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