T-REX: The Game-Changing Collaboration Solution

T-REX’s collaboration and permissioning functions are the foundations of the platform’s value as a hub of deal data. Our platform acts as a single source of truth, allowing every deal participant to operate on the same platform and view live deal data through their own unique lens, whether they are issuers, ratings agencies, administrators, trustees, or investors.

Cloud Based Tools Are Helping Financial Institutions Evolve Beyond Desktop-Based Applications

As a web-hosted, Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, T-REX offers numerous advantages over traditional desktop-based software, especially for large financial institutions. The accessibility of a web-hosted platform is unparalleled. Users can securely access T-REX from any location and device with an internet connection, eliminating the need for installations or complex IT infrastructure. This allows employees to work remotely, collaborate seamlessly, and ensures consistent access to real-time data and updates.

Second, the scalability and flexibility of cloud-based tools are invaluable for large financial institutions. As these institutions grow and evolve, they often require the ability to add new users, integrate with other systems, and adapt to changing business needs. With a hosted collaboration solution, scaling up or down is straightforward, as it typically offers flexible structures and customizable features that can be easily adjusted to accommodate expanding or changing requirements.

By using T-REX to leverage these advantages, financial institutions can streamline their operations, increase efficiency, and allocate resources more effectively, ultimately achieving a competitive edge in today’s fast-paced and digitally driven financial landscape.

What Makes T-REX Unique? Live Data and Multi-Sided User Permissions

Historically in deal creation, the lead party would manage all of the data and would distribute it directly to all of the deal participants. Unfortunately, the further away from creation and distribution, the less current the data was and the less relevant it was to the user receiving it. This means it becomes harder and harder to track changes, updates, or modifications to the data. When only one side is generating, storing, and distributing the data, the output becomes static. T-REX’s platform delivers deal data to the marketplace in a live format and connects users across the value chain to the data source. The reporting tools are dynamic and run with data that is constantly being updated.

When you log into T-REX, what you see is appropriate to your role in the transaction. Our reporting tool allows users to dictate how others use and share platform-hosted data. If you share that data with another user, the dataset that they see will reflect their own user permissions. Users even have the ability to invite outside stakeholders to view the platform and create their own T-REX account. T-REX acts as the operating system for the marketplace. Every stakeholder is using the same software, but getting the experience appropriate to their role, resulting in a multi-sided user experience. 

Multi-Tiered Approach to Permissions

T-REX’s hosted collaboration solution uses a multi-tiered approach to permissions and platform capabilities. We support your role in the market with capabilities appropriate to your institution. Service levels are dictated by subscription, risk or compliance requirements, or even your own company hierarchy, empowering you to provide appropriate deal-level permission to your collaborators.

This approach ensures that deal creation is repeatable and scalable for different transactions, allowing data collaboration to be customized, but not restricted by how different users avail of the platform.

Trustees and Investors: T-REX In Action

Clients want a customized view of their data, and modular data reports need to be bespoke for both them and their end users. 

Trustees are often bound by a strict and very comprehensive set of deal reporting standards, as they need to meet the needs of the regulator and the governing document requirements. Importantly, however, the market is equally influenced by the dynamic needs of investors who often want to see deal data in non-standard formats. This can at times create challenges for trustees who want to support the investor community, but also need to produce data that follows regulatory compliance rules.

Trustees need to be able to scrutinize the data and ensure that the models are correct, all while allowing investors to be able to use the platform to review the data that they wish to analyze. T-REX supports both parties by offering transparency to those who need it and a compliant restricted view for those who don’t, all drawn from one single source of data.

Bringing Simplicity to Complex Finance

T-REX’s platform brings simplicity to a complex industry. Our hosted collaboration tool is built to comply with the regulations and requirements of major financial institutions while still offering individual users a lot of control over their data. Gone are the days of downloading reports and sending them by email. With T-REX users can collaborate in the platform on the same live data set, viewed through the managed filter of their own unique user permissions. 

Learn more about how T-REX can help you centralize deal documents, streamline model review with native sharing and version control, and share reports with all parties in a deal.

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