T-REX, the U.S. Based Fintech, Expands into the UK after $40m Investment and Key Executive Hire

T-REX, a U.S. fintech pioneer with software and data management solutions for real-time portfolio management of complex asset-backed finance, has launched a new EMEA division operated from the UK. The company’s announcement follows a $40M Series C funding round led by Riverstone Holdings LLC earlier in the year, supporting the rapid growth in customer acquisitions.

To lead its business expansion across the region, T-REX has hired fintech executive Ben Sher, who was formerly Chief Commercial Officer at London-based Funding Xchange.

The cloud-based T-REX platform is designed for cash flow modeling and projections, portfolio analysis, on-demand reporting, and risk management of complex investments across a wide spectrum of asset classes, and with advanced support for renewable energy and ESG-driven investment.

Ben Sher, T-REX’s Managing Director of EMEA, said “Against a market backdrop of rising interest rates and inflation, the need for transparency in complex fixed asset structures has never been greater, for both sell and buy-side. T-REX meets the need for transparency by leveraging rich modeling and analytics combined with data services for the ingestion, standardization, and aggregation of complex deal data. Hence our lender, bank, and investor customers are able to perform deep scenario analysis while proactively monitoring performance and covenants across any portfolio of asset-backed financing.”

Commenting on T-REX’s expansion into EMEA, Benjamin Cohen, Founder and CEO, said “T-REX was founded on the premise that complex fixed-income is underserved by technology and data infrastructure, which limits market participants’ abilities to adapt and innovate. As EMEA-based lenders in both private and public markets currently face increasingly complex market dynamics, while simultaneously ramping up their commitments to sustainability targets, the future of asset-backed financing depends on stronger analytics tools that can also incorporate ESG data and measurement into deals. T-REX is excited to provide the technology and data infrastructure to continually facilitate progress toward these goals.”

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