A Look at T-REX Culture With NYC HR Manager, Sarah Holt

Hear from the T-REX HR Manager in NYC, Sarah Holt, on her experience at T-REX and what she loves about the T-REX culture. We’re always looking for great new talent to join so make sure to check out our open roles

Why did you join T-REX? 

I joined T-REX because I wanted to build from scratch. From the onset of my career, I’d been a part of well-established organizations. Teams were in place, policies were already written, and procedures developed. To me, T-REX represented an opportunity to see my ideas turn into tangible contributions. I knew at the end of each day at T-REX I’d be able to see impact. 

For those that may be interested in joining the T-REX team, could you tell us a little bit about the typical interview process?

We strive to provide candidates with a transparent and well-rounded interview process where they can meet the hiring manager as quickly as possible so both parties can discern alignment. From there, the candidate meets peers in their discipline to learn more about the ins and outs of the team as well as a T-REXer from another department to get a sense of the broader organization. The interview process ends with an applied case study presentation, giving candidates the opportunity to learn more about how the team works together and ask additional questions. The recruiting team is available throughout the entire hiring process to ensure the candidate has all the information they need to move forward. Ultimately, we try to keep the process flexible to reflect the needs of both the hiring team and the candidate.

As the HR Manager for the U.S., you’ve always been a great advocate for shaping the T-REX culture purposefully. What do you think makes the T-REX culture different from other organizations?

I love this question because I believe so strongly that culturally we have something special at T-REX. It starts with our recruiting philosophy–we hire for “70%.” We want team members to have 70% of the experience and knowledge to function in a role. The remaining 30% is “the stretch” that keeps our people coming back each day excited to learn. It’s an incredibly collaborative culture where a growth mindset is critical to our collective success. It all works because the company is built around a team of subject matter experts that rely on each other to share knowledge with our clients of course, but also, drive learning amongst peers internally.

What is the most frequently asked question by candidates interviewing at T-REX?

Everyone wants to know about our dinosaur logo! It’s an illustration that we use internally and it gives outsiders a glimpse of our personality. T-REX exists within a somewhat formal industry, but we find ways to have fun. I’ve heard stories of clients, colleagues, and candidates spotting team members in our dino swag. It’s another way that we stand out from the crowd. 

What is your favorite part about working at T-REX?

Contributions are celebrated, voices are heard, and hard work is appreciated, while still recognizing the humanity in all of us and the needs of our lives outside of the firm. These people-first values at the personal and professional level are exceptional. 

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