T-REX Wins Best Structured Finance Portfolio Management Tool

T-REX is delighted to be recognized as the Best Structured Finance Portfolio Management Tool of 2023 by Wealth and Finance International. As an independent organization, Wealth & Finance International is committed to recognizing and celebrating the most deserving and best-performing businesses and individuals in the finance and investments landscape.

Today, multi-million or even billion-dollar deals are structured using Excel spreadsheets that are then emailed to and from interested parties. As the financial markets have evolved, these antiquated practices have been slowly phased out across the government and corporate bond sectors and new, digital-first solutions have emphasized efficiency, transparency, and a commitment to reducing risk. 

Complex structured finance markets including private credit, asset-backed securities, project finance, and many others, were left behind in this financial infrastructure evolution, and still rely on outdated, often imprecise, and unscalable means of evaluating deals. As the first and only cloud-based platform designed specifically for structured finance and private credit, we’re proud to be recognized as one of the driving forces behind increased transparency and efficiency within the asset-backed finance ecosystem.

Since T-REX’s founding, we’ve grown exponentially but our mission has remained constant: modernizing the technological backbone for the entire structured and asset-backed finance ecosystem. Innovation has been foundational in guiding our path, and our platform’s breadth across asset classes and the long tail of esoterics coupled with collateral and loan-level data management has been particularly differentiating. 

As T-REX COO Elizabeth Lyons says, “Success at T-REX starts with a deep understanding of our clients and where legacy or manual solutions may be falling short of what’s required. With over a decade of experience in working backward from clients’ unique needs—whether it’s data management, dynamic reporting, complex cashflow modeling, or something else—our deep bench of engineers and data experts put our clients at the center of everything we do. The result is a powerful end-to-end platform that’s intuitive, reliable, and, above all else, flexible.”

Our client base is constantly evolving, and T-REX is constantly innovating to make sure it can meet those changing needs. Private credit in particular has faced incredible growth this year, and T-REX has continued to provide powerful solutions that help our industry-leading clients easily and efficiently evaluate risk and manage their portfolios. This influx of private credit activity has led to a 470% year-to-date increase in T-REX clients reporting on platform. In other nods to success, T-REX has also been recognized for our positive company culture and commitment to employee well-being.

As we look ahead to the rest of 2023, we’re excited to help our clients grow and bring expertise in complex structured finance and private credit to bear. Thanks again to Wealth and Finance International for this award and for recognizing the difference our platform makes.

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