T-REX Managed Data Services

Enhanced data management process that provides unparalleled transparency into the ongoing performance of complex assets.

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Lower operating costs by shifting the data management burden away from you

Mitigate investment risk through greater data transparency and access to critical information

Improve investment performance and liquidity with access to enhanced analytics leveraging up-to-date data

Managed Data Services for Complex Markets

T-REX Performance Data Service (PDS) is a managed data service for the financial performance of complex assets.

Add this “service level” to ensure the timeliness, accuracy, and availability of critical datasets across the investment lifecycle.

PDS automates the collection, management, and analysis of asset performance data, delivering the answers users need via a flexible Dashboard.

How PDS Works

T-REX offers developers and investors/asset managers a service level around the ongoing updates to critical performance data.

The T-REX Performance Data Service captures critical investment performance information and prepares it for enhanced analysis via the T-REX Platform to enable more efficient, thorough, and accurate investment decision-making.

Investors in projects with the PDS can receive historical performance updates on those projects and run relevant analytics using the flexible, intuitive T-REX Platform.

ABS service dashboard

Access best-in-class market surveillance and investment performance tools.

PDS guarantees the timeliness, accuracy, and availability of critical datasets. Access investments and stay up-to-date on performance and market behavior via the Dashboard.

Graph key performance indicators by investment characteristics.

Compare the results across the benchmark groups to evaluate performance, support collateral assumptions, and identify outliers to improve investment decision-making process and timing.


Revolutionizing the investment lifecycle of traditionally riskier complex assets.

Professionals have historically lacked the tools needed to adequately assess risk in complex markets, hampering large-scale investments in these higher yielding sectors.

PDS provides unprecedented transparency and access into these markets by replacing manual data management with an automated workflow designed for the nuances of complex assets. By working directly with the sell side to manage performance data, T-REX helps expose and market attractive new investment opportunities.


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