Four Sector Trends Indicate C-PACE Will See Rapid Fire Growth in ABS Issuance in 2019 and 2020

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New York, NY, November 18, 2018 T-REX, a leading data and software provider for renewables financing, shares insights on investing, data transparency, and technology trends from experts on the C-PACE sector.

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Report Abstract:

We are approaching an inflection point in the capital markets for energy efficiency asset classes. As demand from consumers and businesses to deploy renewable energy projects intensifies, we are seeing increasingly innovative ways to finance those projects. Commercial banks are more willing to lend into these sectors, subsequently leading to increased focus and sophistication in the capital markets to facilitate structured credit transactions. Institutional buy-side appetite for green investments and enhanced yield continues to grow, supporting the supply of deals. The convergence of these factors points to a spike in capital markets activity for renewable energy asset classes – particularly for Commercial PACE and Solar ABS – in 2019 and 2020. How can investors be prepared to capitalize on this opportunity? Here, we explore each of the above trends, as well as provide guidance for accurately assessing, pricing, and monitoring the risk associated with these complex asset classes.


Expert market commentary provided by:

  • Chris Miller, Director, Private Placements, Nuveen, a subsidiary of TIAA
  • Sandeep Srinath, Director, Structured Solutions Group, ING
  • Jim Stanislaus, Co-Founder, Petros PACE Financing
  • Cliff Kellogg, Executive Director, C-PACE Alliance


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