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T-REX Selected for Energy Excelerator 2016

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Chosen as one of Thirteen Most-Promising Renewable Technology Companies, T-REX will be Part of Demonstration Track Cohort

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April 11th 2016, Honolulu, HI – T-REX has been selected as a part of the Energy Excelerator Demonstration Track 2016 Cohort. Energy Excelerator, (“EEx”) is the nation’s largest clean technology accelerator located in Honolulu Hawaii and has been responsible for fostering the growth and connection of entrepreneurs and innovators in 42 clean energy companies. Dedicated to creating a renewable future, EEx companies have gone on to raise over $200 million in funding in the past three years.

Chosen as one of the thirteen most promising renewable technology companies from hundreds of applicants, T-REX will implement its valuation and risk  analytics software for clients in Hawaii with the help of EEx, working towards the state’s goal of operating with 100% renewable energy by 2045.

As the only renewable energy finance company in this year’s class, T-REX is poised to begin an ambitious project with the support of EEx: a loan and asset analytics program through the T-REX platform. T-REX will be able to provide expertise and access to its platform to new partners including lending banks, lending programs, renewable developers, institutional investors, and investment banks in Hawaii. T-REX’s program will establish standardization and increase efficiency between already established partners. The T-REX platform will also facilitate new partnerships by facilitating connections between companies already using T-REX in Hawaii and the continental U.S.

T-REX will participate in the program throughout 2016, building important partnerships and client relationships throughout the Hawaiian Islands. Through this project and with the leadership of EEx, T-REX will not only contribute benefits to renewable and finance companies in Hawaii, but will also grow from the feedback and knowledge of its partners in Hawaii, which will contribute to a more robust renewable energy ecosystem in all 50 states, as well as globally.

About T-REX

T-REX transforms the financing and building of our world’s energy and infrastructure. Through its secure, enterprise SaaS platform, T-REX provides the valuation and risk analysis tools to unlock investment opportunities for hundreds of billions of dollars of capital to flow into renewable energy assets. Investors, asset managers, and developers are empowered to efficiently and transparently finance, securitize, and manage portfolios of renewable energy assets through the T-REX platform. To receive a demo of T-REX’s financial technology and learn about the deals T-REX is currently facilitating, please contact us.

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