Managed data service and analytics platform

Automate your SBA Loan portfolio reporting for the CARES Act

Manage loan information, validate PPP eligibility, and calculate
loan forgiveness from anywhere.

Award-winning SaaS technology for banks, 

allowing you to instantly scale your SBA 

Loan operations.

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Turnkey Reporting for All 
SBA Lenders
Community & Regional Banks, Credit Unions and Investment Banks

Simple Excel Upload

Scalable Infrastructure

 Dynamic Reporting

T-REX’s cloud-based CARES Act Reporting Solution provides a dynamic and feature-rich workspace for banks and lenders. 

The platform aggregates financial data across loan products, streamlining workflows and enabling reporting at scale. 

Easy upload to secure 

API connection available 

Aggregate portfolio-level 

Automatically calculate 
eligibility criteria for CARES Act 

Professional seamless reporting to SBA 

Flexible user entitlements 

       Simple to Use and Fast Onboarding

       Scalability  and Automation

       Data Standardization  and Collaboration 

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The CARES Act Reporting Solution automates loan and portfolio-level calculations, including determining PPP eligibility and validating loan forgiveness. 

Run cashflow reports, monitor loan performance and perform risk scenarios – all in one easy to use, online platform. 

With T-REX, you can manage your SBA loan book with greater speed and precision than ever before.

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How it Works

T-REX is a leading enterprise solutions provider for structured credit markets, loan & asset warehousing, and energy & infrastructure project finance.

Developed with asset-class flexibility in mind, T-REX handles a broad range of complex investments, going deep into the nuances of asset and collateral financing. 

T-REX transforms data and analytics, consolidating workflow from Sell Side to Buy Side onto one cloud-based collaboration platform. 

Built to empower responsible finance, T-REX digitizes and standardizes data, automating workflow and enhancing efficiency across the entire investment lifecycle.


Built by financial experts for financial experts
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CARES Act SBA Loans Portfolio Analytics & Reporting

Validate Loan Forgiveness

  • Calculate PPP eligibility

  • Monitor forgivable expenses

  • Remove manual processes

Automate SBA Reporting

  • Dynamic user interface

  • Professional reporting to Small Business Administration

  • Seamless report generation

Digitize your SBA Loan book

  • Scale your SBA loan program

  • Secure access from any device, anywhere

  • Use T-REX platform without changing existing infrastructure




 “T-REX is a unique fixed income capital markets solution that tracks the complete lifecycle of illiquid and alternative assets

Head of SPRINT

Scott Miller, CBDO; Arad Shaiber, CTO; Tricia San Cristobal, CPO; Benjamin Cohen, Founder and CEO.

Empowering Responsible Finance