T-REX Platform

Improve your performance by eliminating manual processes. Work within a standardized collaboration platform designed for Renewable Energy Markets.

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One Complete Platform for Renewable Energy Markets

Use T-REX to model, structure, or analyze projects with greater precision and speed than ever before.

Produce valuation reports, access actionable market intelligence, and collaborate internally and externally — all without leaving the Platform.

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How the Platform Works

There are three pillars of the T-REX software-as-a-service package — all accessible in one environment:

  • Analytics Platform
  • Collaboration Platform
  • Data Platform

Together, the T-REX Platform empowers investors, developers, lenders, banks, and accounting firms to work seamlessly together to unlock liquidity in growing renewable energy markets.


Utilize valuation tools built for complex markets

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Effortlessly connect with counterparties at every stage of the investment lifecycle

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Access data in a secure, cloud-based platform

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An Analytics Platform

Utilize tools built for energy project finance.

Built by buy- and sell-side experts that understand the nuances of energy assets, T-REX offers turnkey functionality for modeling, structuring, pricing, scenario analysis, reporting, and more.

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A Collaboration Platform

Effortlessly connect with counterparties at every stage of the investment lifecycle.

Facilitate deal transaction management workflow seamlessly via T-REX’s SaaS environment. Send or receive a deal in one standardized platform for quick, accurate, and certain evaluation. Manage version control and mitigate security risk with a complex permissioning architecture.

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A Data Platform

Access and manage all data via T-REX’s secure, cloud-based platform.

Get a “portfolio-level” snapshot of all projects in your account. Use smart tagging and organizational tools to turn raw data into actionable intelligence.

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The Platform Effect

Users mitigate risk, improve performance, and gain workflow efficiencies by working off of a standardized, cloud-based platform designed for the nuances of renewable energy markets.


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