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T-REX enhances structuring and marketing for renewable energy markets

Access the managed data services and software solutions necessary to improve deal execution and investor targeting, generating greater demand and project liquidity.

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T-REX Data Services

Unparalleled transparency into the performance of assets on an ongoing basis

T-REX Platform

Software tools to efficiently finance and manage renewable energy projects

One Complete Solutions Suite for Energy Project Finance

T-REX revolutionizes the full investment lifecycle.

Get unprecedented transparency. When used by multiple parties, T-REX facilitates seamless collaboration across the investment lifecycle, from developer to investor, via one secure, centralized SaaS environment.

Renewable Energy Developer
  • Debt sizing
  • Modeling
  • Sensitivity analysis
  • Marketing
  • Collaboration
  • Data management
Project Finance Lender
  • Loan sizing
  • Modeling
  • Sensitivity analysis
  • Marketing
  • Collaboration
  • Data management
Investment Bank
  • Structuring
  • Analytics
  • Marketing
  • Collaboration
  • Distribution
Accounting Firm
  • AUP
  • Model validation
  • Deal analytics
  • Collaboration
Investor & Asset Manager
  • Risk analysis
  • Collaboration
  • Asset management
  • Performance
  • Surveillance

Our Clients

T-REX has successfully facilitated significant new capital entering complex renewable energy markets for major investment banks, institutional investors, asset managers, and developers.

T-REX Data Services

Equip your sales team with investor-facing dashboards for deeper insight how to drive transactions.

T-REX Performance Data Service (PDS) delivers important, fully standardized asset data to investors on an ongoing basis. See what investors see and build your sales strategy with real-time insights.

How it Works

Developers add this “service level” to ensure the timeliness, accuracy, and availability of critical datasets across the investment lifecycle.

PDS captures performance data and prepares it for enhanced analysis via the T-REX Platform to enable more efficient, thorough, and accurate investment decision-making.

Performance Data Service Dashboard

T-REX Platform

Handle greater volume and generate market-making momentum by eliminating manual processes and working with standardized data.

T-REX enables banks to model, structure, and run multiple scenarios with greater precision and speed than ever before. Conduct analysis and produce price yield and cash flow reports. Manage your books and distribute a project, running all transaction management processes without leaving the Platform.

How it Works

There are three pillars of the T-REX software-as-a-service package — all accessible in one environment:

  • Analytics Platform
  • Collaboration Platform
  • Data Platform

Together, the Platform empowers investors, developers, banks, lenders, and accounting firms to work seamlessly together to unlock liquidity in rapidly growing renewable energy markets.

Analytics Platform: Utilize tools built for energy project finance

Built by buy- and sell-side experts that understand the nuances of energy assets, T-REX offers turnkey functionality for modeling, structuring, pricing, scenario analysis, reporting, and more.

Collaboration Platform: Effortlessly connect with counterparties at every stage of the investment lifecycle

Share projects with potential investors seamlessly via T-REX’s SaaS environment. Facilitate quick, accurate, and certain evaluation of projects and tranches to grow revenue opportunities.

Data Platform: Access and manage all data via a secure, cloud-based platform

Get a “portfolio-level” snapshot of all projects in your account. Use smart tagging and organizational tools to turn raw data into actionable intelligence. Entitle investors to view and utilize proprietary datasets.

Asset Classes T-REX Serves

Residential Solar

Commercial Solar

Utility Scale Solar

Community Solar



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