The T-REX platform connects the buy side and the sell side in PACE and solar. T-REX provides market participants with software tools to efficiently and transparently finance, securitize, and manage their assets.
Comprehensive Cash Flow Analytics

T-REX Analytics allows developers and asset managers to easily stress both production and credit risk parameters driving projects cash flows, including:

  • Power Production
  • Degradation
  • Expenses
  • Power Purchase Agreement Rates
  • Defaults
  • Prepayments

Understanding how assets perform under any set of customized scenarios permits asset owners to better assess risks and returns.

Analytics and Structuring for Capital Markets Transactions

Fixed-income investors have historically lacked the tools necessary to adequately assess the risks of solar assets, hampering large-scale investments in this rapidly growing space. T-REX Analytics permits fixed-income investors to analyze, assess, and accurately price the risk associated with investing in renewable energy, PACE, and other asset classes.


T-REX Analytics can be used to:

  • Structure customized debt tranches backed by portfolios of solar assets
  • Create capital structures for the securitization of renewable energy assets
  • Determine the present value of cash flows generated by solar assets under user-defined assumptions and discount rates
  • Solve for the yield of a specific tranche in a securitization transaction, given a pre-determined price (and vice versa)
  • Value the residual cash flows from a portfolio of solar asset backed securities
  • Calculate the amortization schedule, coupon rate, yield, principal window, and average life of any tranche in the capital stack of a solar-backed securitization transaction

To learn more or to schedule a demo of T-REX Analytics, email us.

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